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About Us

Welcome to the {r}elevé one foundation, located on the third floor of Unite Church, in downtown East Nashville, TN. We are dedicated to helping ensure every woman has access to a safe place where she can begin and/or continue the journey of becoming healthy in a setting that believes in renewing the mind, body and spirit through movement, encouragement and prayer.


Our foundation exists to receive the abundant life that Jesus offers and so equip women to move towards that life through healing and freedom in spirit, soul, & body.  


We provide a community and culture where any woman with a heart’s desire to partner with Jesus and invite him into their places of brokenness can engage in the fullness of what God has made available for healing.

A safe place to process:

    • Forgiveness

    • Shame

    • Trauma

We provide pastoral care, physical movement and art therapy.

Our habitat for HEALING

  • Pastoral care, physical movement & art therapy

  • Community of love and encouragement

  • Commitment to honesty and authenticity

  • Partnering with the Holy Spirit 


Why Movement

The soul and spirit are often the targets for healing and restoration in communities of faith. But for many women, this leaves the physical part of their being in the shadows where the deepest traumas and shames reside. Through guided, physical movement, breath work, worship, art therapy, and other modalities we empower women to release pain, and receive healing and restoration by the power of Holy Spirit. 

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